4 Reasons Why Media Converters are Useful in a Network

  • Increased speed: Media converters let you and all of your network’s users get tasks done in the fastest amount of tie possible. Fiber-based media converters are versatile and maximize functionality at an affordable cost.
  • A bigger network: Media converters also allow your network to expand past its current capabilities. Since media converters are basically two different transceivers passing data back and forth, they can increase the quality and power of your access and support a fast and rigorous network speed.
  • Cost-effective: Media converters are incredibly cost effective. Fiber networks can sustain high bandwidth features including video streaming. Since the media converter will marry your fiber and copper networks without needing to install a great deal of new infrastructure, your entire network will benefit without breaking the bank.
  • Less electromagnetic interference: Media converters make the path between copper to fiber much gentler, with the added benefit of less electromagnetic interference. They can also help to stand in for people who want to make the entire switch to fiber but don’t have the funds to do so yet.

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