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Desktop phones with sim-card slots in Kenya

GSM Desktop Phones for Sale in Kenya

Elegant fixed Wireless GSM Phone suitable for your office or home desk. ( Single Line/ Dual)

Supports all phone lines. QuadBand ; Safaricom, Telkom, Airtel (850/900/1800/1900)

The Desktop Fixed Wireless Landline phone with simcard slot provides an easy way to have a stand by  office phone home phone, keep I touch with kids at home, your nanny   and the elderly.

This Wireless Quad band GSM ((850/900/1800/1900) Desk Phone is compatible with any GSM SIM card, allowing you to choose your preferred provider.

Manufacture Features

Hauwei Gsm Desktop Phones with sim card Slots

  • SMS messages; sending and receiving
  • FM Radio
  • Sim card tool kit Menu ( Mpesa, etc)
  • Allows any GSM Card seamless switching.
  • Great Functionality; Real-time signal strength, power capacity Display.
  • Write, send and receive messages functions.
  • Language; English.
  • Supports Alarm clock alerts  function
  • Caller identification display, call recorder, hand free calls.
  • Can be programmed to do Call timing,
  • Support USIM / SIM card and fixed station call book backup function.
  • Settings network, phone functionality setup, phone display settings, call settings.


Practical and stylish, Simple  and large navigation menu, Audible built in speaker  Large very clear Buttons button making it easy to operate

Re-chargeable battery, Long Lasting up to 5 day on standby Powered from wall power adapter.

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Barcode Scanners @ Kenya Gadgets Shop at Competitive Prices

Barcode scanners guide- Kenya

Barcode Scanners KenyaBasic use of Bar code Scanners

Barcodes Scanners  can help you  capture data and track movement of inventory, The most common uses are; Retail ( Used at Point of sale in shops, super markets, chemist and mini markets to provide easy way to capture prices and process sales ),  and at warehouses to track movement of inventory in warehouses. But there are many more possibilities and interesting ways that  Scanners can be used. in these post we explore;

  • Types of Barcode Scanners   
    • Laser Scanners
    • 1D Scanners 
    • 2D Scanner 
    • Bluetooth (Wireless) scanners 
    • USB Cord Scanners 
    • Handheld Barcode Scanners 
    • Table Mount Barcode Scanner 
    • Brand of Barcode Scanners Available @ Kenya Gadget shop

Barcode Scanner Types

When shopping for barcode scanner, it is important to consider the type of scan engine that a scanner uses, the speed of identification and the type of barcodes that you will be reading

Laser Scanners

This are the most common scanner types used in Kenya. They have a diode (red in color) laser to identify data stored on a barcode. Laser Barcode scanners, are the cheapest and can only read a standard linear (1D) barcode from a few feet depending on your code size and its length.

Linear Imager

Linear imager scanners can only read 1D barcodes. They take the image of the barcode from the printed surface, analyze id and extract Information and data stored in linear imagers from Honeywell became replacement s for 1D laser Scanners since the efficiency of capture and speed even on damaged barcodes was high

2D Area Imagers

These scanners work by capturing the image of the barcode scanner and analyzing it for information, they perform extremely well and can read any type of barcode. Also, 1D, stacked, and 2D barcodes are supported by a 2D imager.

The other advantage is that a 2D scanner it can read a barcode regardless of the orientation Vertical or Horizontal; the Scanner will capture the image and intelligently align it and read the information- you can read a code in any direction.

2D imagers, like the Honeywell 1900, can also read barcodes on any surface including; LCDs, LED monitors (TVs, Laptops, or phone screen). 2D Scanners have become the most popular  types of scanners that are used today.

Form/ Physical Design

The most common types of barcode scanners are gun-style and Table Mount in-counter scanners that are used in supermarkets and Retail Industry However there are 5 main designs for scanners for different types of applications/needs

Handheld gun-styleHandheld Barcode Scanner

Plug and Play and easy to integrate with most common POS or Inventory Management, The most common, they work by Simple aim the scanner at the barcode label and pull the trigger to capture the data, they are either corded or Wireless, Using a Bluetooth.  Can be integrated to work at a point of sale or inventory tracking and management software’s

Presentation scannersPresentation Barcode Scanner Kenya

Desk Mount -designed to sit on a counter-top. They provide hands-free scanning and do not require triggering to read. They have a wide reading area compared to one liner Scanner (1D). This greatly helps reduce the need for aiming. They scan items at a very fast rate.

Mobile Computer ScannersMobile Computers PDT

They do what more than what basic scanners do. They will provide you an integrated solution of capturing data through scanners, store it and process it to provide data as per your need, mobile computers  will give you a complete freedom since both computing capability (PC) and scanner are in a single device.

Mobile computers like the Motorola MC75A can move around freely. They store information and then upload it to a central server via Wi-Fi and Cellular (WAN) networks. They are used in in situation that demand true mobility i.e. inventory management and asset tracking.

In-counter Barcode ScannersIn-counter Barcode Scanners

Similar to Presentation scanners but used in more rugged environments like busy supermarkets, in manufacturing industry and Ware housing. Units like the Data logic Magellan 8300, are easy to operate for any user.

 They can are easy to integrate and be to completely serve at the Point Sale

Fixed Mount Fixed Mount Barcode Scanners

fixed scanner  are most common also in retail stores and supermarket, usually integrated to a larger systems, fixed at a counter and use motion sensors to activate them and scan data. They are the most used and wide range of designs, speeds and applications. A good example is Microscan MS-9used in high speed assembly lines and super markets

Our Products 


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Cables | Security, Automation and Alarm Cables

Alarm Cables Kenya

Security and Alarm Cables

The Alarm cable is Suitable for a wide range of cabling installations and applications, including; security systems such as Burglar alarms Installations, sound and Home / Business intercom systems, power-limited controls, fire  alarm installation, burglar alarm systems, single-line telephones systems..

 N/B –the Cable cannot be used to power equipment like CCTV Cameras

Cable Types – the Cable is in 4 Cores (8 Cables inside), 3 Core (6 cables inside) 2 Core (4 cables)

Shop for More Cables Here