Desktop phones with sim-card slots in Kenya

GSM Desktop Phones for Sale in Kenya

Elegant fixed Wireless GSM Phone suitable for your office or home desk. ( Single Line/ Dual)

Supports all phone lines. QuadBand ; Safaricom, Telkom, Airtel (850/900/1800/1900)

The Desktop Fixed Wireless Landline phone with simcard slot provides an easy way to have a stand by  office phone home phone, keep I touch with kids at home, your nanny   and the elderly.

This Wireless Quad band GSM ((850/900/1800/1900) Desk Phone is compatible with any GSM SIM card, allowing you to choose your preferred provider.

Manufacture Features

Hauwei Gsm Desktop Phones with sim card Slots

  • SMS messages; sending and receiving
  • FM Radio
  • Sim card tool kit Menu ( Mpesa, etc)
  • Allows any GSM Card seamless switching.
  • Great Functionality; Real-time signal strength, power capacity Display.
  • Write, send and receive messages functions.
  • Language; English.
  • Supports Alarm clock alerts  function
  • Caller identification display, call recorder, hand free calls.
  • Can be programmed to do Call timing,
  • Support USIM / SIM card and fixed station call book backup function.
  • Settings network, phone functionality setup, phone display settings, call settings.


Practical and stylish, Simple  and large navigation menu, Audible built in speaker  Large very clear Buttons button making it easy to operate

Re-chargeable battery, Long Lasting up to 5 day on standby Powered from wall power adapter.

KSh7,200.00 KSh6,750.00
KSh21,000.00 KSh18,000.00
KSh2,300.00 KSh2,000.00
KSh26,000.00 KSh25,000.00
KSh13,200.00 KSh12,500.00
KSh2,300.00 KSh1,900.00