NEC Corporation is involved in production of state of art telephone systems to diverse requirements of enterprise across the globe. NEC Kenyan PBX system is flexible solution that allows businesses in Kenya to have a better communication structure. Ut combines advanced functionalities and features, the IP products does satisfy the requirements of the customers in a better way.

Kenyagadgetshop is dedicated to delivering cutting edge solutions with NEC telephone systems Kenya. We are one of the first IP provider in Nairobi who design and install extensive IP solutions to the industries of all sizes. With Nec PBX you can expect:

  • Solutions with the leading branded telephone systems
  • Reliable and scalable solutions
  • Quality solutions in an cost-effective way
  • high quality Unified communications
  • Service support and training

Improve Customer Experience

To boost the infrastructure, NEC has diverse range of IP phones and IP PBX systems. The systems have been designed to complete diverse communication needs. We have Univerge SV9000 and NEC SL100

 Nec Univerge SV9000 Series: It is designed to deliver a powerful communication solution that optimizes business activities. The platform consists of Univerge SV9500, Univerge SV9300 and Univerge SV9100.

NEC Univerge SV9100: This developed for SMEs, and is an ideal option that produces excellent unified communication solution. It features includes:

  • It allows seamless integration
  • It combines standard voice support and VoIP
  • The number of users can be expanded as business expands.

NEC Univerge SV9300: is enabled with advanced options and features. Allows communication to be more competitive and optimized. It’s a cutting edge that supports up to 1536 stations and 512 trunks make it as a possible solutions for business looking for cost effective communication set up.

  • Easily manageable and configured
  • Traditional phone system and VoIP system can be easily combined.
  • Unified communication solutions
  • The architecture can be extended.
  • Distinct unified communication
  • Extensive contact center ideal for small call center.

NEC Univerge SV9500: Offers a powerful solution that allows business to stand from the rest. It meet communication needs in a productive way. It is easy to manage, versatile and scalable. It has state of art VoIP features to ensure healthier and smoother communication.

  • Support diverse range of mobility applications
  • Unified communications
  • Extensive contact center making the system ideal for call center.

Nec SL1000

NEC SL100 is an intelligent system enriched with advanced functionalities and features. It is best for SMEs, small and home offices.

  • Improved functions:
  • Designed with hybrid concept:
  • The architecture is scalable:
  • IP Enabled to adapt to the change in the VOIP trends.
  • Easy customizable
  • Apart from that the system is ecofriendly and programmable function keys.