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Features to consider

In the recent past, if you are in POS hunt, you can be quickly overwhelmed. There are diverse options that are available with ideal features. POS involves the software and hardware; your POS software should be part of the whole solution that helps you to grow and run your business end to end. There are various retail management systems: reporting, customer management, inventory management and point of sale.

Product and/or Quick Keys

Quick keys are shortcuts within a POS system that allows the user to hit a single button for a commonly sold item. The rest of the catalogue should be accessible easily. Ensure that you go for a POS that lets you look up or search products quickly when ringing up for sales. The search feature ideally is right in the screen so that the cashier wont jump into another screen just to check for an item.

Split Payment/Multiple payment methods

You need to go beyond the method of payment like credit and cash cards. Look for a system that allows integration of mobile payments. You also need to split a payment in case a customer want to spread payment across few gift cards and cash.

Store Credit, refunds and Return features

A return policy can be imperative for the business success since consumers increasingly prefer stores with shopper friendly policies. You need to ensure that your POS can help creation of a perfect return policy which provides flexible options to return goods and get refunds or credit.

User Permissions and Accounts

Unless you have a one person operation, chances are that you will have multiple people working on your registers. You will need a POS that gives you the capacity to create a user for each of them so that you can track the sales. This feature will gives you capacity to set sales goals. You also need to be sure that your systems gives room of password to protect each user as well as gives you log-in for user.

Mobile Registers

We are in the digital era, you will need a mobile registers. Typically, you will need to look for a cloud POS that has a mobile app in that you can software on mobile devices. Mobile registers are ideal since they allow you to ring someone anywhere in the store and thus prevent queues.

Customer Facing Display

A customer facing display means, they can watch the transactions happening on a screen that faces them. The clients who face displays allow customers a high transparency level into the transaction and make it easy for them to point out the mistakes before the order is being placed.

Bulk product imports

Ensure that whatever retail management system you go allows you to upload. Unless you have few items, manually uploading each product will be tedious and is a waste of time when you fail to get a system that runs a bulk upload.

Product Variants and Composite

Go for a system that allows you to create variants of products. For instance, think about a clothing store, if they sell same shirt in six colors, the system should have the capacity to record that as the same shirt in several colors rather than having six diverse shirts. A composite product is made out of the pre-existing products. For example, a wine store might need to be able to sell a case of wine as an item since they provide 10 percent discount


Your POS system should have the capacity to print barcodes so that you can keep products neatly tagged. The barcode allows inventory to understand exactly where the system is in your system.

Looking at the features above, you will have an idea of what solutions are right for your stores. This knowledge can be used list some of the top choices, then reach the software providers to see whether they offer more information. An ideal POS will brings you features, making it as easy as feasible to focus on growing your enterprise.

Taking POS beyond the Transaction

When you sell a product, you are not just transacting but rather creating relationships. To do that, you need a retail POS system to provide a customer experience that keeps consumers shopping. In conclusion, a retail POS system helps you take of your customers.




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