Point Of sale Terminals

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Kenya Gadgets Shop POS solutions hardware and associated Peripherals, all in one touch terminal, POS Software. Our retail Solutions. consist  PC-based hardware and open-system equipment . Which provide management and till functions to any point of sale and point of service: food and non-food stores & shops, retail outlets, superstores and supermarkets, catering and hospitality businesses, snacking and take away outlets, leisure and sport venues.

Your POS system should have the capacity to print barcodes so that you can keep products neatly tagged. The barcode allows inventory to understand exactly where the system is in your system.

Looking at the features above, you will have an idea of what solutions are right for your stores. This knowledge can be used list some of the top choices, then reach the software providers to see whether they offer more information. An ideal POS will brings you features, making it as easy as feasible to focus on growing your enterprise.