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Experience separate types of effects when you have different types of headphones on, like having a noise cancellation headphones that clearly filters all the external noise while making you listen only to the sound coming from the headphones or the bass boost type that gives the kick of the bass when you are listening to your favourite songs. Although wired headphones are more popular, the Wireless styled headphones are starting to take over the scene amongst Kenyan millennials with their inept ability to making the experience better when you use them for your activities like working out in the gym, running and jogging. They have also been found to be lightweight for easy carriage. On the other hand, wired headphones are known for the high-quality sound it gives the user and clarity of the sounds from it, making a favorite amongst DJ’s, Radio Presenters, Sound Engineers and so on. Putting into consideration factors like with sound isolation capabilities; which is the ability to block out surrounding sounds and interference, range frequency, and you can pick a preferred type, either wired or wireless. Note that for wired headphones, a Bluetooth connection is required to connect the headphones to your device. Grab yours at Kenya GadgetShop today at the best price.