Master and Towers

Mast and towers are tall structures designed to support antennas for broadcasting and telecommunications including televisions. The radio towers are tall for FM broadcast, and radiates from a high up point that has a line of site.

Mast is generally slim and tower usually tapering upward used to support aerial supported guyed wired. Mast  is used to fit to a ship while the tower is very tall.

Guyed Lattice Masts:

Self Supporting/Free standing: High tensile on heavy duty

Non-Ground Penetrating/Rapid Deployment Mast: As the name suggest, rapid deployment can be deployed one or two days depending on the location and site. Non-ground penetrating means that there is no concrete work or digging needed to be done.

Why Mast and Towers

You need to tailor your products to your requirements. Whether you focus on assembly, transport and cost efficiency or the perfect time frame, radio towers and masts made from hybrid designs, FRP, Lattice or solid walled steel and spun concrete is a whole solution.

Spun Concrete

Mast and towers are ideal for narrow sites and for coastal and urban areas. Smaller spacing makes them slender. Despite their slim design, towers and masts are very stable. They offer high load capacity and directional radio rigidity. Spun concrete masts are more durable, resistant to vandalism and fire and also have a high chemical resistance.

Steel Radio Mast

These are ideal for exposed locations such as mountainous terrain, silos or roof tops. Small installation and inaccessible ground space is  not an obstacle since steel masts can be conveniently and easily mounted and transported

Steel lattice type

They offer short section and low weight. The overall weight makes them easier to transport

Solid steel wall type

Mast with steel walls can be polygonal or round. They are similar to spun concrete in their design and spacing.

FRP radio masts

These are ideal for airports or on top of roofs. They are very light with strong materials. In event of collision, the mast breaks without causing sparks.


Mast and Towers

Masts and Towers