Network Switches

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Wired network switches are ideally tailored for small and medium-sized businesses that want to optimize their networking capacities. The 24 GB switches, for instance, come with a 256 K buffer memory, and uses what’s known as a “store and forward” method of switching. It’s easy to operate these switches, it’s a snap to throw these together and quickly expand your network.

Network switches have long been generally compatible with 10/100 networks, which are sufficient for most home or small office networks, to bring you error-free data transactions. Gigabit network switches are available for even faster tranfer rates, and as more computers come standard with gigabit network cards a faster switch may be a quick and easy upgrade to your network that will show immediate results.

Transmit Faster with Wired Network Switches

Private consumers like switches as well, as they offer an effective way to transfer and transmit data, video, and audio files. If you’re an online gaming aficionado, for instance, you might use a switch to improve your gaming experience. Switches generally accept crossover cables and so-called straight cables. Thus, you don’t have to shop for any particular connector to get started with data switching.