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Tp-Link M7300 LTE-Advanced Mobile Wi-Fi

KSh11,000.00 KSh10,000.00

Buy Tp-Link  M7300 LTE-Advanced Mobile Wi-Fi  Nairobi Kenya

Quick Specifications

  • Share 4G connection with up to 150Mbps download/50Mbps upload speeds
  • Has a 2000mAh battery for 10 hours of usage
  • Equipped with a Micro SD card slot for up to 32GB of optional storage
  • Easy management with the tpMiFi App

Shop for   Tp-Link M7300  in Nairobi, Kenya from Beiyangu

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Enables you create  a Faster Connection.

The M7300 supports the latest gadgets in the 4G LTE networks Tp-Link Family, providing convenient carry-on Wi-Fi that can reach speeds of up to 150Mbps.
  • lag-free HD video,
  • fast file downloads, and stable video chats regardless of where life takes.

TP Link EAP120 300Mbps Wireless N Gigabit Ceiling Mount Access Point

KSh12,000.00 KSh10,900.00

Buy Tp-Link  EAP120 300Mbps Wireless N Gigabit Ceiling Mount Access PointNairobi Kenya

With easy mounting design, PoE power supply, Cluster feature, Centralized management software, Captive portal, Auto RF management, and business hardware, TP-LINK EAP120 is specially designed for the high-density, most demanding business environments, including schools, hotels, and enterprises. TP LINK EAP120 300Mbps Wireless N Gigabit Ceiling Mount Access Point supports Power over Ethernet(802.3af)for convenient and affordable installation EAP120_300Mbps_Wireless_N_Gigabit_Ceiling_Mount_Access_Point

Quick Product Specifications

  • EAP Controller Software  lets you easily manage hundreds of EAPs*
  • Simple mounting design to easily mount to a wall or ceiling
  • Captive portal provides one convenient method of authentication for WiFi guests
  • WPA/WPA2-enterprise, secure authentication and rogue access point detection ensure the security of WLAN
  • Gigabit Ethernet port enables bandwidth-intensive application or multimedia transferring

TP Link TL-R480T+Load Balance Broadband Router

KSh10,000.00 KSh9,000.00
TP LINK TL-R480T+Load Balance Broadband Router is a wise choice for small business which brings you high return on investment with low overhead. It has three changeable WAN/LAN ports, TL-R480T+ supports up to 4 WAN ports equipped with advanced load balance to guarantee maximum bandwidth and backup capabilities, which can satisfy various Internet access requirements through one device. TL-R480T+ integrates multiple load balancing strategies, advanced QoS and strong firewall to provide you with consistent network uptime and reliable Ethernet connectivity.

Key Product Specifications:

  • It is easy to manage the TL-R480T+ via a web-based utility, which makes building and managing your network more convenient.
  • Provides extensive client account and network management for administrators with supported PPPoE Server.
  • Marshals bandwidth resource to specific clients based on their unique application environments

Tp-Link RE210 AC750 Wifi Range Extender

KSh5,500.00 KSh5,000.00
Tp-Link RE210 AC750 Wifi Range Extender Wireless AC technology lets the access point run on dual bands at a blazing combined speed of up to 750Mbps, including 433Mbps on its 5GHz channel and 300Mbps on its 2.4GHz channel. The Wifi Range  extender can work with any standard Wi-Fi router or wireless access point.

Product Specification

  •  Boosts your wireless signal, eliminating previously inaccessible areas or “dead zones”
  •  Supports all 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac standards of Wi-Fi routers and wireless access points
  •  Wireless AC technology delivers combined dual band speeds of up to 750Mbps
  •  Gigabit Ethernet port allows the extender to connect to wired devices as a wireless bridge
The dual band extender also acts as a wireless bridge via its Gigabit Ethernet port, allowing it to connect wired devices like smart TVs and Blu-ray players to your wireless network. A color-changing Intelligent Signal Indicator light measures Wi-Fi strength in an area, helping you find the RE210's perfect set-up spot.

TP Link AC750 Wi-Fi Range Extender RE200

KSh6,000.00 KSh5,500.00

TP Link AC750 Wi-Fi Range Extender RE200

TP-LINK's Archer C2 comes with the next generation Wi-Fi standard - 802.11ac, backward compatible with 802.11n that is 3 times faster than wireless N speeds. You expect to get a  higher power efficiency and robust security. The 802.11ac is the perfect way to accelerate a home multimedia network and solve congestion that multiple devices may cause. Simple tasks such as sending e-mails or web browsing can be handled by the 2.4GHz band while bandwidth intensive tasks like online gaming or HD video streaming can be processed by the 5GHz band - all at the same time. With 433Mbps wireless speeds over the crystal clear 5GHz band and 300Mbps over the 2.4GHz band, Archer C2 offers you the flexibility of two dedicated networks and ensures amazing wireless performance. The access point:
  • Expands your existing WiFi coverage with next generation 11AC WiFi technology.
  • Works with any standard WiFi router and creates stronger dual band connections in hard-to-reach areas, allowing you to enjoy seamless wireless coverage throughout your home or office.

TP-Link TL-MR3020 Portable 3G/4G Wireless N Router

KSh4,500.00 KSh4,200.00

Buy TP-Link  TL-MR3020 Portable Router 3G/4G Wireless speed is up to 150Mbps

This router is compatible with   LTE/HSPA+/HSPA/UMTS/EVDO 3G/4G USB modems, tested in the field and has the following characteristics;
  • Travel-size Design, small and light enough to take on the road, enables users to share a 3G/4G* mobile connection wherever 3G/4G* coverage is available
  • Three modes available for different situations: 3G/4G* Router, WISP Client Router and Travel Router Mode (AP Mode)
  • With 3G/4G* and WAN failover back-up strategy, TL-MR3020 can provide a sustained internet connection.

TP-LINK HS100 Smart Wi-Fi Plug

KSh4,000.00 KSh3,500.00

Quick Specs

  • Remote Access – Control devices connected to the Smart Plug wherever you have Internet using the free Kasa app on your smartphone.
  • Scheduling – Schedule the Smart Plug to automatically power electronics on and off as needed, like setting lights to come on at dusk or turn off at sunrise.
  • Away Mode – Turns your devices on and off at different times to give the appearance that someone is home.
  • Voice Control – Pair to Amazon Alexa or The Google Assistant to enable voice control
  • Connects to Wi-Fi Secure home Wi-Fi connection is required

Tp-Link TL-WN723N 150Mbps Mini Wireless N USB Adapter

KSh1,500.00 KSh1,200.00
TP-Link TL-WN723N 150Mbps Mini Wireless N USB Adapter, allows users to connect a desktop or notebook computer to a wireless network and access a high-speed Internet connection. The TL-WN723N is designed to be as convenient for users as possible, so there's no need to worry that one USB interface will be blocked by its neighbor with the adapter being so small. A device the size of a fingertip designed to keep the workspace neat and tidy. A tiny way to get speedy wireless connections without sacrificing wireless performance. Excellent wireless N speed up to 150Mbps allowing for optimum video streaming or Internet calls. Easy one-touch wireless security encryption with the WPS button. Supports Windows 8.1/8/ 7 / Vista / XP, Mac OS X 10.7~10.10, Linux.  

TL-MR6400 300Mbps Wireless N 4G LTE Router

KSh13,000.00 KSh12,000.00
  • TL-MR6400 300Mbps Wireless N 4G LTE Router requires no configuration - just insert a SIM card and turn it on to enjoy high speed internet access.
  • Share your 4G LTE network with multiple Wi-Fi devices and enjoy download speeds of up to 150Mbps.
  • Wireless N speeds of up to 300Mbps.
  • Integrated antennas provide stable wireless connections.
  • LAN/WAN port provides options and flexibility, allowing you to choose your connection type.

300Mbps Wireless N Gigabit Router TL-WR1043ND

KSh6,500.00 KSh5,600.00

Buy TL-WR1043ND 300Mbps Wireless N Gigabit Router from Beiyangu, Nairobi Kenya

Quick Specifications

  • 450Mbps Wireless speed and Gigabit Ethernet ports are ideal for multiple HD video streaming
  • Multi-functional USB 2.0 port - Easily share a printer locally and files & media with networked devices or remotely via FTP server
  • Wireless security encryption easily at a push of WPS Button

Tplink AC1900 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router Archer C9

KSh22,000.00 KSh20,000.00

Quick Product Specifications

  • Supports 802.11ac standard-the next generation of Wi-Fi
  • Simultaneous 2.4GHz 600Mbps and 5GHz 1300Mbps connections for 1.9Gbps of total available bandwidth
  • 3 dual band detachable antennas provide maximum omni-directional wireless coverage and reliability
  • Beamforming technology delivers highly efficient wireless connection
  • 1GHz dual-core processor ensures no interruption when simultaneously processing multiple wireless or wired tasks
  • USB 3.0 + USB 2.0 Ports - easily share a printer locally and files & media with networked devices or remotely via FTP server

TP-Link TL-MR3420 – Wireless N Router – 3G/4G – White

KSh4,000.00 KSh3,800.00

TP-Link TL-MR3420 – Wireless N Router – 3G/4G – White

The TL-MR3420 3G/4G Wireless N Router allows users to share a 3G/4G mobile broadband connection with family and friends via wired or wireless connections. By connecting a 3G/4G USB modem to the routers, a Wi-Fi hotspot is instantly established, via which multiple devices can access the Internet and share data and applications wirelessly.

TPLink 300Mbps Wi-Fi Range Extender TL-WA855RE

KSh4,500.00 KSh3,800.00

Buy TPLink 300Mbps Wi-Fi Range Extender TL-WA855RE from Beiyangu, Nairobi Kenya

Brief Product Description

TL-WA855RE supports wireless speeds of up to 300Mbps and keeps all of your favorite devices running as fast as possible,boosts your existing Wi-Fi coverage to deliver fast and reliable wired and wireless connectivity. External antennas for faster and more reliable Wi-Fi. Supports AP mode which creates a new Wi-Fi Access point. Easily expand wireless coverage at a push of the Range Extender button. Set the Power Schedule for the range extender for power-savingTether App allows easy access and management with your mobile devices remotely. Works with Any Wi-Fi Router.

Tp-Link N450 Wireless Wi-Fi Gigabit Router TL-WR1043N

KSh7,500.00 KSh7,000.00

Buy TP-Link N450 Wireless Wi-Fi Gigabit Router TL-WR1043N from Beiyangu, Nairobi Kenya

TP-Link's TL-WR1043N 450Mbps Wireless N Gigabit Router is an upgraded version with a n updated exterior and better performance.

The Routers Features a  a chipset solution, the TL-WR1043N can provide faster wired/wireless speed and stronger wireless coverage for an improved networking experience.

  • Up to 450Mbps of wireless speed and 4-Gigabit Ethernet ports are ideal for multiple HD video streaming
  • 3-external 5dBi antennas for fully extended wireless coverage
  • Wireless security encryption easily at a push of WPS Button

TP-Link TL-WA901ND 300Mbps Wireless N Access Point

KSh4,500.00 KSh4,300.00

TP-Link TL-WA901ND 300Mbps Wireless N Access Point

TL-WA901ND  can help you  design to establish or expand a scalable high-speed wireless N network  while connecting  multiple Ethernet enabled devices. TL-WA901ND can help you set up a home or office network to connect to laptops  or  home devices such as game consoles, digital media adapters, printers, or network attached storage devices to a wireless network. The AP supports a host of different functions that makes your wireless networking experience more flexible .

Products Highlights

  • Can support speeds  up to 450Mbps.
  •  Can be used as  Access Point, Client, Universal/ WDS Repeater, Wireless Bridge
  • Easily setup a WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encrypted secure connection at a push of the WPS button
  • Up to 30 meters (100 feet) of flexible deployment with included Power over Ethernet Injector