Unified communication integrated to optimize the process of business. UC is not just a single product; but the solution made up of various elements and components including: messaging (video, voice, instant messaging, email), rich presence, conferencing, phone calls, information sharing, status, device awareness, all coupled together with common user interface.

Panasonic Unified Communication assist the business that needs to keep in touch by enabling processes f business.

Why Panasonic Unified System

  • Streamline communications: Communicate with colleagues who have specific knowledge/skill to help eliminate or reduce human latency.
  • Increase productivity: Voice over IP, PC based point n click PC based operations, unified messaging and leverage rich presence and perform functions than possible.
  • Team management
  • Mobility: IP and leverage DECT to provide anywhere, anytime access business communication giving users the capacity to roam near desk.
  • Enhance customer service: Customer service can be integrated with common applications like LDAP, exchange, Microsoft outlook and Web and IP applications provide needed tools to enhance customer service.
  • UC for SMBs: Panasonic presents answer with advanced Smart PBX KX-NS700 and communication software to help business gain returns of Unified communications.
  • Smart Hybrid PBX: PBX KX-NS700 smart Hybrid is an advanced solution designed to achieve Unified Communication by streamlining and enhancing office communications with the presence enriched applications. It facilitates more effective communication techniques for both the customers and employees. KX-NS700 allows the user to access the whole host of business communication. Further integration with phones, allows the remote workers and mobile   users to stay connected while on the move.

SIP phones for business

Panasonic SIP phones give freedom to choose the way business communication grows. Changes happen frequently and Panasonic provide a diverse range of system for multiple business applications. From SIP phones that let you scale down or up easily, depending on the needs to cloud based communications. Panasonic is the most reliable in terms of communication. Also, it has been in the market for close to a quarter century.

SIP systems are available for every company since they are compatible with leading switch technology, easy to deploy and are flexible technology capable of growing your organization. It ensure effective communication and reduce call costs.

Panasonic gives freedom of choice with diverse options, phone and handset options means that we can create a system that suites your needs. Whether for a small office or a multiple syste, that facilitate communicating and working from mobile device across the world, Panasonic provides expert advice to build SIP system that supports business.



Panasonic Deskphones

Panasonic KX-HDV230 IP Phone