Common Uses for the USB 2.0 Hub

Common uses include connecting both keyboard and mouse via a single USB cable, industrial environments where space is a premium, and for any situation where a simple USB 2-port splitter is required. Great for travel due to the ultra-compact design and built-in 12in USB cable.

No Charging Capabilities

The usb hub is for data only and does not support charging of the connected devices. Functions as a USB hub only and will not charge phones, tablets, iPads, iPhones, or other tablet and smartphone devices with or without a PC connected. Not BC 1.1 / 1.2 compatible.

Does It Need Power?

This bus-powered hub shares available power (500mA) from the single upstream USB port to each of the two downstream USB ports. Because power is shared, devices connected via the hub should be low powered (keyboards, mice, etc), or self-powered (printers, powered hubs, externally powered hard drives).

Devices That Are Not Compatible With This 2-Port Hub

The usb 2-Port hub cannot be used with built-in car stereo systems or aftermarket systems such as Android Auto and Apple Car Play as these systems do not support USB hubs.