Yeastar P570 P-Series IP PBX


Yeastar P570 P-Series IP PBX

The Yeastar P-Series IP PBX comes packed with many features out of the box. It has been designed to be a complete PBX system for SMEs allowing businesses to attach their voice, video, applications and collaboration tools all to one device. The P-Series of IP PBXs are a sophisticated system that is great for call center scenarios or otherwise, has an operators panel, a contacts directory and is suitable for businesses who have a remote work scenario.

The Yeastar P-Series of IP PBXs support Linkus UC Clients and are driven through applications designed for Windows, MAC, Android and iOS as well as web browsers.

The P-Series IP PBX comes with essential features included as part of Yeastar’s Basic plan (see below for details). Because the P-Series IP PBXs are designed to be flexible and to accommodate individual business needs advanced features are an option for users and can be accessed through paid subscriptions to the Yeastar Enterprise or Ultimate Plans. Please see datasheet for more details or call us at 1-800-308-8647 to learn more! 

The P570 is designed for the SME who handles a large amount of call volume on a daily basis.