Security Magazine on Practical Steps Organizations Can Take to Address Security Vulnerabilities, Concerns & Hacks

There are practical steps organizations can implement to reduce concerns, hacks and cyber threats during the pandemic says Security magazine in the article: “As Organizations Become Aware of Security Vulnerabilities in Cloud-Based Collaboration Applications, It’s Time to Act.”

From the article: “As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, and as organizations and governments have forced the majority of employees to work from home, the vulnerabilities associated with collaboration tools have made headlines. New security threats are surfacing every day, driving IT and security operations teams to quickly understand and address significant security threats.

Organizations can take some of the following steps to boost cybersecurity:

  • Enable multi-factor authentication for all account logins.
  • Train users on how to address potential threats and make them aware of corporate policies.
  • According the article, compromised credentials account for more than 80 percent of security breaches, so being aware of and enforcing proper credentials is an important step.