Simplify Your Network with D-Link’s Unmanaged Non-POE Switches

This is where D-Link’s range of Unmanaged Non-POE Switches shines, offering a straightforward, plug-and-play solution that meets the networking needs of small to medium-sized businesses and home setups. Let’s take a closer look at these versatile devices and how they can streamline your network management.

The D-Link Unmanaged Switch Lineup

D-Link offers a comprehensive range of unmanaged switches that cater to various networking demands, from small home offices to larger business environments. Here’s an overview of the models available:

D-Link DES-1005C/B – The Compact Network Extender

The D-Link DES-1005C/B is a 5-port 10/100Base-T unmanaged switch that epitomizes simplicity and efficiency. Designed for small office and home networks, this device allows you to quickly expand your network by adding up to four more devices. Its compact size ensures that it fits even in the tightest spaces, making it an ideal choice for those with limited room.

D-Link DES-1008C/B – Expand with Ease

Moving up in the range, the D-Link DES-1008C/B provides 8 10/100Base-T ports, offering a bit more room for network expansion. This model is perfect for small businesses or home offices looking to connect additional computers, printers, or other network devices without any hassle.

Dlink DES-1016D – The Desktop Network Hub

For medium-sized networks, the Dlink DES-1016D steps up with 16 10/100M Fast Ethernet ports. This unmanaged desktop switch is geared towards businesses needing to connect a significant number of devices while maintaining a clutter-free workspace. Its ease of use and reliability make it a staple in any office setting.

D-Link DES-1024D – The Central Network Station

The D-Link DES-1024D is a robust 24 port 10/100Mbps Unmanaged Switch designed for businesses requiring a comprehensive networking hub. This rack-mountable unit is ideal for server rooms or network cabinets, providing ample ports for a wide array of devices, ensuring that your network can handle growth without skipping a beat.

D-Link DGS-1016D/B and DGS-1024D – Gigabit Performance

For environments where speed is of the essence, the DGS series offers gigabit connectivity. The D-Link DGS-1016D/B and DGS-1024D switches come with 16 and 24 ports, respectively, supporting 10/100/1000Base-T connections. These devices are perfect for tasks requiring high-speed data transmission, such as streaming HD video, transferring large files, or handling high-volume online transactions.

Why Choose D-Link’s Unmanaged Non-POE Switches?

Opting for D-Link’s unmanaged switches brings numerous benefits to your network, including:

  • Simplicity: With no software to configure, these devices are truly plug-and-play, making network expansion a breeze.
  • Flexibility: With models ranging from 5 to 24 ports, you can select a switch that perfectly fits your current needs, with room to grow.
  • Reliability: D-Link is renowned for its durable and reliable networking equipment, ensuring that your network remains operational and efficient.
  • Cost-effectiveness: These switches are an affordable solution for expanding your network, providing excellent value for their performance.


D-Link’s lineup of Unmanaged Non-POE Switches offers a simple, effective, and affordable way to expand your network. Whether you’re setting up a new office, upgrading your home network, or expanding your business operations, D-Link has a solution that fits your needs without complicating your setup. By choosing D-Link, you’re investing in reliability, simplicity, and performance, ensuring your network can support your activities seamlessly and efficiently.

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